Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Love One Another - A Valentine's Challenge

My dear friend is a 2nd grade school teacher.   And a wonderful teacher she is.

Her 2nd grade class is trying hard to win a contest to get money for new technology for their classroom.  They are one of the top two videos for this month so they have a real shot at winning. 

Headband Shoppe has decided to support their efforts by donating a beautiful Valentine's season hairpiece to voters who cast their entries on or before 1/31/13.  You can enter multiple times so you will have multiple chances to win.  

Let's help send Mrs. Smith's class to the top!

Here is how to enter: (it is extremely easy, but please read carefully)

1) Follow this link to Mrs. Smith's 2nd grade class video:  - you can find the video alternately via and look the link for Mrs. Smith's 2nd grade class.

2) Below the video, there is a blue button that says "Vote for this Video" - click on this to vote!

Look for this button to vote on the video!

3) Last step (but most important!): after you click vote look at the new vote total just above the button and come back to tell me what number your vote was!  For example, if after you vote, the # turns to 1642 votes, you are number 1642.  Leave a blog comment with your name and your vote#.  

example: vote #

And that's how you enter - so easy!  Let's show our love for Mrs.Smith and her 2nd graders.  Added bonus - you can enter for this multiple times - the website allows votes from 1) cell phones 2) laptops 3) anywhere with wifi once each per 24 hours.  Feel free to vote as many times as you are able for multiple chances to win this drawing.  Don't forget to come back and tell me your vote # for your entry to count! {all reader comments are welcome, but only those with name & vote# will be counted for the drawing}

On 2/1 when voting is closed, I will draw a name from the entries to win this beautiful feather hairclip.  Let's help Mrs. Smith change her 2nd grader's classroom and reach for a big win for their school this year!

- Louisa