Friday, May 11, 2012

Weekend Giveaway for FOUR Lucky Winners

I will admit publicly now that among the list of things I do regularly, I will likely never be able to add "blogging" to that list. Though I am a chatty chatty person in general, I don't fancy myself an author or the purveyor of witty... funny... blog-worthy stories.  That being said, no need to subscribe to this blog.  Instead, make sure you are a fan on Facebook because that is where you will find the most up to date information on what I am doing in The Headband Shoppe or daily the case may be.

At long last it's time to reward some lucky fans with a few pretty things to get the summer started off right.  I know each and every one of you have your own unique style - some of you may not be headband wearers but you would wear earrings or a hairclip.  I get that.  I'm the same way actually.

I'm just tickled that you want to rock some feathers accessories in public...maybe even spread the word about us to people who may not know! 


Review all the available gift pieces below - you will have the option to enter for one or all of them.  This does not increase your chance of winning, just tells me which piece you'll actually wear when you win!  When you enter, tell me which pieces you love most so I can make a note when I draw winners.


 Venice Headband - this headband is made with grey/blue/brown almond pheasant feathers - light and delicate this piece is super subtle and a bit Anthropologie-esque.  I like to make many of my headband styles "petite" so the feather portion of this is about 3.5" tall by 2.5-2.75" wide...just a dash of feather in the hair without overwhelming your head.  The thin headband has a metal skeleton so you can bend it and mold it to fit your head for maximum comfort.  This is so important to me, because like many, I fear those awful headaches that come with headbands that don't fit right!


This is Bristol, a large statement fascinator (about 5" tall by 4" wide) with a navy blue curled goose background, a long fringed peacock feather, and black accent feathers.  This has a toothed alligator clip on the back so you can position it just about anywhere in your hair.  You could even potentially clip this onto a baby crochet headband and put it on your little one. Though the colors are different, you can see the below picture of Michelle to see what the size of this piece looks on your head. (photo credit LaBella Photography) Gorgeous!


Capri earrings with purple peacock feathers and orange accent feathers.  They are made with "small" peacock feathers so they are petite with a bold pop of color.


 There is almost nothing else like the Ellie Ring - a cocktail or everyday "oversized" peacock feather ring. It's fantastic and so unique!  Just don't forget to take it off before washing your hands! ;-)

So you've seen the free prizes now here's how to enter - everyone should complete entry #1, but the additional entries (additional chances to win!) are optional:

1) Comment on this blogpost with your first/last name, which piece(s) you most love and why.  If you can remember, please also share how you found Headband Shoppe in the first place!

2) {optional} Go to our shop and add it to your Etsy favorites - then come back and comment saying what your top THREE favorite pieces in the shop are!

3) {optional} Share our facebook fan page with your friends on Facebook (or fans if you have a fanpage yourself), then come back and leave a comment with your name and where the post can be found.

4) {optional} Tweet about @headbandshoppe or this giveaway and then come back leaving a comment with a link to the tweet.

5) {optional} Are you a blogger?  Would you like to do a small feature on Headband Shoppe for your readers?  Comment with a link to your blog if so.

6) {optional} Do you own Headband Shoppe accessories already?  Snap a photo of yourself wearing a piece and post it on our wall on Facebook.  Then come back and comment so you can have that additional entry!

All entries must be submitted by MIDNIGHT on Sunday May 13.  Winners will be drawn and announced on Monday May 14.  Winner will be responsible for contacting us privately within 24 hours, or another winner will be drawn.

The fine print:

The winner will be announced on this blog - once the winners are announced, you will have 24 hours to claim your prize. If the prize is not claimed with 24 hours, a new winner will be drawn. You MUST be 18 to participate. Prizes do not have cash value. There will be no returns/exchanges on any of the items. This promotion is in NO WAY sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.


  1. The Bristol is my #1 favourite- such a beautiful statement piece!

  2. fantastica peacock fascinator
    carly peacock feather fascinator
    tuscany sash- royal blue

  3. shared on my fb page

  4. tweet link :)!/EcoChique

  5. My top three favorite items from your etsy shoppe:

    -BREE Shoe Clips - Pink, Burgandy, Blush and Berry Customized hair fascinator
    -Peacock Flower Wrist Corsage with Mini Peacock Feathers - WINDSOR
    -CARLY - Peacock Feather Fascinator - Made to Order

  6. Tweet link-!/JuuliaMoore/status/201025687769989121

  7. Hello, I love the Venice headband (Gift #1) and it's light colors.
    I also love the Ellie ring (Gift #4) and it's uniqueness. Both carry a simple look yet hold a bold statement. I found The Headband Shoppe while surfing through etsy and stumbling on it. I decided I really liked your work and added you on Facebook as well!

  8. Oh my goodness I love all of these!!! my FAVORITE though is the Ellie Ring because it is so unique and also I have a crazy obsession with peacocks! I just ordered a peacock belt from you a few weeks ago and am wearing it to prom tomorrow, can't wait to show it off!! I will post a pic on your FB page tonight or tomorrow!! The headband is my second favorite because I <3 headbandS and also I've never seen one like this before...I own many feather headbands, but this is probably the cutest/most unique I've seen and would love to wear it! I also love the bristol and the earrings!!! There is just something about peacocks that I ADORE and the way you use the peacock stuff to make your creations is AMAZING!!! :) I first found the headband Shoppe on etsy!! -Alexys M.

    I shared your page too :)

  10. I love the ring because it is so different and makes a statement and that's the kind of jewelry that I like.

    Emily Hoffman

  11. Claire Scales Dunn
    These are all beautiful! Of these four, my favorites are #1 and #2. #1 is my absolute favorite. I love the colors and pattern of the pheasant feathers. Muted colors with small, delicate pattern is beautifully subtle. The second piece is really stunning! Simple as that! I like the earrings but I wash my hands way too often for a ring to be practical. It's attractive, but I could never wear it.

  12. Asking for my top three pieces from your Etsy shop is asking a lot! I'll one is the Reagan grey and orange headband. One would be the Atlantis mini fascinators(all of them!)and last I guess I will say lastly I totally LOVE the coral and aqua peacock and polkadots feather hair clip. I love many more, but those are three favorites.

  13. My absolute favorite is number 2!!! it would look great on my newborn girl pictures that i have coming up! Love the colors! I found you through another giveaway..not sure which one! :)
    Liz Johns

  14. I love Gift Number 2. Beautiful! I think I found you through Facebook.

  15. I shared you on my favebook at

    Hoping I win ahhhh!!

  16. I am madly in love with the ring! I am new to the oversized ring trend and adore peacock.. I think it just fits, yea?:)

    I also love the headband #1. It's an actual headband instead of a scrunchy, fun colors, and love feathers.

    Trina Yuzuik :)

  17. I shared your giveaway post from your face book page on MY face book page set to public.

  18. Melissa Simon
    I LOVE the venice headband - I cant pull off headbands most of the time (or like ever!) but this is adorable and I could totally see me pulling this one off! :D

  19. added shop to my favorites! My top three from the shop are:

    1. Fantastical Peacock Feather Fascinator/Hairclip - ATLANTIS
    2.MILA PEACOCK - Ivory Navy and Peacock Custom Color Bridal Clip
    3. BRISTOL- Champagne and Burgandy Curled Goose Peacock Feather Headband

  20. Melissa Simon - shared on my biz photo page!

  21. Solange L. (I dont like posting my last name for privacy issues) - The Venice Headband is my absolute favorite! I was never really into headbands because I didnt think I could pull them off but lately Ive been into feathered ones. I have a couple but this one is beautiful & I absolutely love your shop <3
    - I found you through etsy while searching feather headbands actually hahaha

  22. I have been a fan of yours for a while through BeadieandThings & JewelryBySolange

    My top three - wow this was hard, but I would have to say:

    1-ELLIE Headband
    2-PETIT AZURE Headband

  23. tweeted :0)!/JewelsBySolange/status/201209106432921600

  24. I love the Venice headband! I think it's delicate and subtle enough for me to wear (I have a pixie haircut). I'm not sure how I came across your page, but your work is beautiful!

    Rebecca Limbert

  25. The Venice headband is my #1 fave, but I also love the Bristol.

    Christine Benefield

  26. I love love love the Venice headband. I have a petite headband of yours and it is the most comfortable headband I own. My 2nd favorite are the earrings. I own a headband and a few custom hair clips, but have only ever gifted your earrings and not kept any for myself:). Thanks for doing this fab giveaway this weekend! Vicki Rea-Miller

  27. Of course you are a favorite ETSY seller of mine:)

    1. My current favorites are the Peacock ChandIlier earrings, the Summer Peacock Gold & Gray earrings! And the Peacock feather necklace!

  28. Shared on FB

  29. Hi I'm Lovelyn Warf and I love the Bristol piece. It's bold , beautiful, and makes a statement...POW!

  30. Favorited you on Etsy.
    1. Ellie peacock headband
    2. Coco peacock headband
    3. Petit Ellie II hairclip

  31. Tweeted :)!/donttouchmyboob

  32. Posted a picture of one of the custom pieces you made for me on my FB wall and tagged you in it.

  33. Haley Anderson- I love the Bristol! I found you when some page or another shared you on facebook.

  34. 1.Atlantis mini
    2.BREE - Navy Blue Ivory Blush and Purple Curled Goose Peacock Feather Fascinator
    3.Green Purple Turquoise and Navy Blue Peacock Feather Clip - MINI EMERALD
    4. SPICE - Orange Peacock and Eggplant Purple Feather hairclip
    That just picking 3 favorites was silliness! I did get it narrowed down to only 4 though :)

  35. I absolutely LOVE them all, but I believe I would wear the earrings more than the other. But, they are all so gorgeous! I found you through two years ago while planning my wedding. I actually purchased two peacock feather hairbands for my flower girls through you! LOVE your work, long time fan!

    Janine Phaneuf

  36. Your etsy shop was already a favourite! As for three favourite items, yikes! I love them all! But, I will say:
    Just three of the many I love!

  37. Shared on Facebook!

  38. Tweeted!!/Janine_Michelle

  39. Photo of my girls wearing the flower girl headbands posted on your wall!!!

  40. The Bristol hairclip is my favorite! It is so versatile and pretty with everything.

    -Jackie Edem

  41. #1.
    Courtney Baker
    I love the Venice headband! I just love the subtle blue, and it makes it look special, and the details in the feathers just pop! And I came across The Headband Shoppe whilst looking for ideas for my upcoming wedding (Saturday!!!)

  42. #2.
    Courtney Baker
    Favourited the Etsy shop! My top three picks are:
    - PETIT LONDON - Mini White Lady Amherst Feather
    - LADY LUCK - Green St Patricks Day Peacock Headband
    - CAPRI - Purple Peacock Headband

  43. Clare Howard Le Vierge

    I absolutely LOVE all your items Louisa and have already bought a number of buttonholes from your Etsy shop for my bridal party. I absolutely LOVE the Venice Headband because every bride needs her 'something blue' and this would be the perfect addition to my wedding outfit. It would also be the perfect addition to my honeymoon suitcase to wear in Mexico for our private beach meal as we celebrate our marriage. The blue in the headband is sure to match the azure sky and ocean we will have in the background :)

    Your work is amazing. I can't wait to tag you in our wedding pictures x

  44. #3.
    Courtney Baker
    Shared on my Facebook!

  45. #4.
    Courtney Baker
    Tweeted on my Twitter (yay for 5 tweets now!)!/thelowthers/status/201741000245391360

  46. Helen Conrad #2 because it makes such a bold statement! # 4 I'm obsessed with peacock feathers.
    I found you through my friend Courtney.

  47. Helen Conrad added you as a Etsy favorite. It's really hard to pick a top 3, everything you make is beautiful. I'm going to go with
    ATLANTIS MINI - I'm super excied because my friend Courtney is giving me one of these for standing in her wedding on Saturday!
    SPICE Shoe Clips- Orange peacock with navy
    BREE - Navy Blue Kelly Green Turquoise Purple and Lime Curled Goose Peacock Feather Fascinator

  48. Helen Conrad shared on facebook!/profile.php?id=537800373
    Fingers crossed!

  49. I posted a picture of me wearing the teal peacock belt I purchased and wore to prom!!/photo.php?fbid=263715650392652&set=o.79083253590&type=1&theater

  50. Celeste Marruffo
    I love the Venice headband and Bristol fascinator the most! I remember first finding The Headband Shoppe on Etsy while shopping for the perfect Xmas gifts for my three nieces.

  51. Celeste Marruffo
    The Headband Shoppe is in my favorites on Etsy. My top three pieces in the shop are:
    Berry Mini
    & Coral and Aqua Peacock and Polkadots Bridal Feather Hairclip with Birdcage Veiling - NELLIE

  52. Celeste Marruffo
    I shared your FB page on my FB page :)

  53. Celeste Marruffo
    I tweeted about your fabulous shoppe!!/CellyM

  54. Candice Gregory.
    I love gift #2, I think peacock feathers are just the most beautiful as head pieces :)
    I came across the Headband Shoppe from my friend Trina, she liked your facebook and I saw that she liked a photo of yours. I looked around and on your etsy side and absolutely fell in love with your items! (:

  55. Jolene Messerschmidt
    the bristol..I just love the color...I feel bad because I dont remember how I came across the site...maybe through another contest.

  56. I love all the items but my very favorite is the ring. Just gorgeous!

  57. Added you to my favorites on Etsy! :)
    My top 3 favorite items would be
    1) Peacock feather shoe clip :D!
    2) Peacock Pheasant and Polka dot cocktail ring! :)
    and the Peacock petite feather hair clip! This would be my favorite :)))

  58. My name is Jessica Rose and I love #1 (the headband) because it's neutral and will match 75% of my closet. It's regal and unique, like! :) I always envisioned peacock feathers at the core of my wedding design, and the headband shoppe will be my first stop once I'm engaged.

  59. Bekki Gordanier
    I love the capri earrings. I have a fascination wit dangle earrings since I was a lil girl and these would fit right in. I came across the "Shoppe" thanks to a photographer that I know (Shantelly Lace).

  60. Check out @headbandshoppe for awesome finds. The peacock shoe clips are the biz! #trust -- Jessica V. Rose (@msjessicaviolet)